Performance Yacht Sales

Performance Yacht Sales

4 Rules of Choosing the Ideal Catamaran

The boating industry is doing well these days and if you don’t take our word for it, an industry report published by the National Marine Manufacturer’s Association will back up our statement. The report highlights the increase in boat sales by percentage as well as by revenue. Some states have enjoyed boat sale spikes of up to sixteen percent.

As a boat broker company, we deal in all kinds of luxury sea vessels including luxury yachts and luxury sailboats. Sailboats we offer include mono-hull boats as well as catamarans and provide both used and brand new boats depending on what our clients want.

Available Sailboat Designs and More on Catamarans

You may already know this but the word sailboat refers to numerous different vessel designs. The common ground is the fact that these vessels are powered either entirely or in part by harnessing the wind.

Among these, catamarans are designs which include two pontoons. These are connected to each other using certain spar configurations and other particular features. Apart from their general majestic look, catamarans are known and appreciated for other things as well. These include greater stability, ease of manoeuvring, extra room or carry capacity and speed to name a few.

If you’ve gotten a bit of a sense of what catamarans are about or already did and simply want to know what to look into before you buy your own catamaran, allow us to elaborate.

Important Rules of Choosing the Perfect Catamaran

If you’re about to invest in your own catamaran, you might want to know how to go about the process and what to look into. Here are some important rules when it comes to choosing a catamaran that ideally suits your personal needs.

Know Your Sailing Requirements

Catamarans are available in different sizes and are designed for different water depths and tidal intensities. You may be tempted to blindly go for the biggest or smallest catamaran available but don’t do this.

The choice you make should depend on the kind of sailing you’re looking to do. If you want to partake in some serious deepwater sailing on a regular basis, it makes sense to invest in a large catamaran. If however your lifestyle only allows you short excursions close to the harbor on your days off, a smaller catamaran will suit your needs just fine.

Another thing to pay attention to when it comes to sailing requirements is the way your catamaran is to be used. Do you want to use it for the purpose of sport or expedition? Alternatively, maybe you just want some space away from home where you, your friends and your family can lounge. If the former is true, it helps to forego some of the creature comforts like freezers and bar counters as these may increase weight and adversely affect speed and manoeuvrability.

If however, performance is not a thing for you, and you want that catamaran decked out, go for it!

By being clear on your sailing requirements in advance, you extract better value from your investment. You don’t overshoot, you don’t undershoot, and, you don’t bleed on maintenance costs for no good reason.

Explore Your Options or Better – Work with a Reliable Broker  

When you’re purchasing a boat, if you’re not buying from a reliable and established boat broker company, be sure to look about the market and do your due diligence. Don’t take things at face value. Look up multiple listings and do not lock in any deals without really looking into if the same is worth it.

Ideally, even if you’re looking to buy a second hand catamaran, you’re better off working with a licensed and registered boat broker.

Test Runs and In-Dock Inspection

Like with any kind of boat, you need to be sure that the catamaran you are putting your money down for is indeed worth your dollar. Further, you want to make sure the same is in seaworthy condition and safe to take out into the open water.

You won’t be able to tell much about a boat, just by looking at, and this is why we recommend you hire a professional to conduct a boat survey. Doing so will allow you to really get a sense of the condition of the boat you are buying and in the case of a used catamaran, how much you may need to spend on maintenance and repairs. Apart from a dock check or inspection, taking the catamaran in question out for a test run is also a good idea if the owner is agreeable.

Closing the Deal and Financials

Remember, repair and maintenance costs should not be overlooked as these can sometimes add up. You might think you’re saving a whole lot by investing in a second hand catamaran just to realize you have spend half of what you saved on repairs over the year.

Do not close any deals prior to the test run and survey as suggested above. Further, make sure you get an estimate of the kind of repairs you will be looking into. Don’t get excited and pick something up in a hurry. Don’t think that a second hand deal will always be high value. Make sure what you’re getting is worth it. If not and you have the money, just buy a brand new catamaran and save yourself any trouble!

The clearer you are on what you’re getting, the smarter your investment will be.

Winding Down

Following the rules above will ensure that you invest in a catamaran that will be well worth the money you spend in every way. Despite reading this blog, you may still have questions about how to go about making your investment.

As we said earlier, being a boat broker company, boating vessels, catamarans included are our thing. We’re ever available and accessible so don’t hesitate to get in touch if you need any more support or information. Our team will be happy to help.

Good luck on your upcoming catamaran purchase!