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6 Benefits of Having Your Own Yacht in Florida

The number of registered recreational vessels in the US is growing, as is the number of individuals who are taking part in boating and other related activities. Boating offers numerous physical and emotional health benefits and is generally an engaging and enjoyable pastime to partake in.

Among the many states in the US, Florida is the only one that can be classified as a boat owner’s paradise. With nearly 12 thousands square miles of water area, and being the state with the most boats, this comes as no surprise.

Many people living in or moving to Florida often wrestle with the idea of whether or not they should invest in a recreational water vessel. The answer is a no brainer. If you can afford it, you absolutely need to have a boat if you live in Florida!

Though boats may be a given, we’re not only concerned with little fishing vessels, rowboats, and two-person sailboats. We’re also talking about yachts!

Not Just a Boat

Sure, a yacht is a kind of boat, loosely speaking, but when you hear the word yacht, the chances are that you think (a lot) bigger. And while we know how useful it is to have a boat if you live in Florida, what about a yacht? Are there any particular benefits to owning a yacht if you live in Florida? As a resident of Florida, should you buy your own yacht? Let’s find out!

General Conduciveness

As we already mentioned, Florida has large sections that are covered by water bodies, which include streams, canals, lakes, and more. Then there’s the ocean! Keeping all this in mind, the first benefit of owning a yacht is the fact that you’ll have ample opportunity to take your vessel out.

A Popular Pastime

Within America, you have Iowa for literature, Nevada for cliff and rock climbing, and New York for nightlife and diversity. Similarly, you have Florida for boating. Most of the residents of Florida partake in regular boat or water-based activities numerous times a year.

A single family might make multiple boating excursions within a month. Owning a yacht will allow you to become more integrated in this friendly water culture. The fact that it’s a popular pastime also means that you won’t have trouble finding other yacht owners or those enthusiastic about sailing.

Basically, a yacht will give you something to do, whether it’s customization or simply going out to sea!

A Brilliant Ice Breaker

Given how water friendly Florida and its residents are, having your own yacht can be a massive plus when it comes to socializing and breaking the ice. The area has enough harbors, bays, and other accessible locations where you can park your yacht and ask your new neighbors and friends to get together.

You can host parties, have lunches, or simply take your guests out on a ride to the open ocean and use the time and space to forge bonds and get to know each other better.

Means to Maintain

Due to the large number of boat owners in Florida, the state is more than adequately equipped when it comes to boat and yacht maintenance. Whereas you might have needed to spend considerable amounts of money time and effort maintaining your yacht in other states, that’s not the case in Florida.

Though yacht maintenance will likely still cost you a pretty penny, it won’t be as costly as it may have been elsewhere.

Making Money Off Rental

Let’s not forget that Florida has a steady flow of local and foreign tourists visiting throughout the year. Investing in a yacht can also serve as a brilliant way for you to make a little money on the side. When your yacht is not in use, you can put the same up as a rental.

Revenue earned from your rental can be used to keep with port fees and maintenance costs, among other things. With the kind of tourist activity in the region, there’s no way this won’t be highly lucrative.

Spots, Getaways and Access

Finally, Florida is full of various spots and locations which are best enjoyed from the comfort of your own yacht. These include everything from little islands close to the mainland to lagoons and fishing areas.

Having your own yacht means you get to explore the region in all its glory making the best of not just what the land in the area has to offer, but also what the water brings as well!

Winding Down

As you can see, Florida is already the best state to own a boat, but owning your own yacht here will be absolutely phenomenal. It’s the kind of place that will allow you to extract maximum value out of your investment.

Furthermore, a yacht will allow you the kind of exclusive access to the area that might not have been possible if you simply owned a car or a little fishing boat!

All in all, we feel if you’re located in Florida and can afford it, investing in a yacht is a great idea.

Where Do I Find One

If you want to buy a yacht in Florida, our yacht broker company offers you a lot to choose from. We have listings for brand new luxury yachts for sale as well as second hand sailboat and motor yacht options.

Our brokerage guarantees that the vessels we list are among some of the best available globally made by reputable manufacturers. If you need a water faring vessel that is safe and suited to you and those you wish to brave the waters with, we’d be happy to help. Feel free to get in touch with professionals from our company for more information.